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Hot Fuzz

Movie review of Hot Fuzz

The main idea of the movie is that an over keen police officer from London is reposted to a small English village as he makes the rest of the metropolitan police force look bad because of his high arrest rates.

The story is about him settling into the new community and finding out that not everything is as it seems in rural policing.

Sgt Nicholas Angel (played by Simon Pegg) is relocated from London to Sanford, Gloucestershire shortly after splitting up from his girlfriend. Upon arriving in the village he decides to pop to the pub for a cranberry juice. There he finds all of the villages teenagers drinking alcohol illegally. His police instincts won’t let this rest and he removes all of them from the pub, leaving an impression on the community from the start. It is as he leaves the pub that night he meets Danny Butterman (played by Nick Frost), who nearly crashes his car into him after drinking too much lager.

Angel has no choice to arrest him (and several of the drunk teenagers as he marches Danny to the police station) before he even starts his new role.

Upon arriving at the station for work the following morning, he is surprise to not only find Danny is a police officer, but he is also the son of the police chief, Frank Butterman.

He spends the first day in the job meeting the team who turn out to be a bunch of misfits, and he ends up being partnered with Danny. 

As the days go on he faces mundane job after mundane job, as the memory of exciting London policing fades. That is until several unfortunate accidental deaths start to make Sgt Angel suspect there is foul play in the village. Murder most horrid, cover ups, masonic groups and missing swans. Can Angel and Butterman get to the root of the crime before they face their own untimely death?

This film if very funny and follows on from Shaun of the Dead and predates World’s End in what has become known as the Cornetto Trilogy. Pegg and Frost team up perfectly again to creat what has become an absolute cult classic.

You can find out more about hot fuzz if you follow this imdb link