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A few things I do help me in life

Hello my name is Sally. I am reasonably successful in life some may say. I have a business that pays me quite well. I am able to give meaningful employment to approximately 40 other people. I have a partner that I love dearly and I believe my partner loves me dearly too. I have two children that are both grown up and have been to college and are now carving out successful careers of their own. I live in a nice house. I drive a nice car. I am pretty comfortable.

I am often asked by friends, colleagues and clients about my secrets to success. There is no one secret that I have, but I do a few things regularly that help me to achieve my goals.


I think that 90% of success is in your preparation. Turn up at a job interview for a company that you haven’t researched and see how long it is before you are squirming in your chair. Try to cook a nice meal and see where you get to when you have to substitute chopped tomatoes for baked beans and parsley for chilli powder because you didn’t get the ingredients in.

Preparation is everything when it comes to nailing a task.

So I’m prepared for the tasks at hand. I get up sharp in the morning, have a shower, get ready, have a hit of coffee and I’m ready to think about my day before 90% of the population are still sat in their pyjamas. By 7 o’clock in the morning I am ready to tackle a day, up-to-date with any correspondence that has hit my inbox overnight and I have produced to do list for the day to come.

That is rule number one get up early and be prepared for the day ahead.


But running a business, or home, or a family or any long-term projects require planning. Not only do I have a to do list for the day ahead I also have lists and targets for the coming days, weeks, months or even years that I need to keep in mind.

I have plans for my business to diversify in 3 to 4 years time. Those plans require foundations to be laid over the coming year or two. So I don’t need to wake up in the morning and write down those tasks. I have an over arching mindset to ensure that these plans are in place as time goes by. I can look back at the list occasionally of my mid to long-term plans to ensure that I am on target to achieve those goals.

So rule number two is to ensure that you have mid-to long-term plans in your mind way you can be working towards those goals with your day-to-day tasks.


You will never achieve your goals if you do not take care of yourself on a personal level.

That could be fitness, diet, mental well-being, building friendships and living in a pleasant environment.

Fitness diet and mental well-being go hand in hand as far as I can see.Fitness diet and mental well-being go hand in hand as far as I can see.

Take some daily exercise to improve your fitness and your physical well-being. You don’t have to be a marathon runner to keep fit. You could go for a run but try to walk if you have an opportunity. Maybe you could walk to work, maybe you could walk to the shop to buy your groceries. Carrying your groceries home is a workout in its own right. Find a sport that you enjoy. That could be tennis, team sports, golf, yoga, swimming or even join a gym. You wouldn’t expect a car to run for 80 years without any work on it, so how can we expect our bodies to keep going for that long without maintenance?

Eat good food as much as possible.Have the occasional treats though, but understands that if you have a doughnut or a slice of cake you should try to do a little extra to burn it back off, or tighten up your other calorie intake over the next couple of days. Try to fill your meals with healthy vegetables, nuts and pulses and whole grains. We have for a long time talked about how much fat we eat, how much sugar we eat and how many calories we consume. From my understanding we should be concerned with how much fibre we eat, to keep our digestive system healthy.

Feeling fit and healthy will certainly help you to feel better about yourself and to be more engaged with the world around you. Mental health should be at the forefront of peoples minds. You need to ensure that you are feeling good inside your head as well as inside your body. Help your family and friends to understand the importance of good mental health. They will return the favour and help you to promote your mental well-being. And if you are struggling get the help that you need. See your doctor. Speak to a healthcare professional. Without your mind to being taken care off everything else falls to pieces.

Build and maintain good relationships with friends family and colleagues. Join a club to look for like-minded individuals if you do not have good friends. Try to remove the negativity from your life where you can. If you have a friend who tries to bring you down, they are no real friends at all. If you can’t pull them up to your level do not let them drag you down to theirs.

Live in the best environment that you can. And I do not mean that you need to live in a millionaire‘s mansion. I mean make most of what you have at the time. You may live in a ramshackle old apartment block but the apartment that you live in should be clean, clutter free and as pleasant as you can make it.

Make sure that the air smells pleasant, by an air freshener. Make sure that the floors are swept all the carpets are vacuumed. Make sure that the windows are clean so you can see out of them without being distracted by smears or the bird milk that would be on them otherwise. Ensure that your towels are soft. Make sure that your bed is made each morning when you get out. Plump up the cushion on the chair and test the TV set so when you are settling in for some downtime it feels nice. In short make the most of what you have until you have more.

Rule number three take care of yourself and your environment.

These three rolls I would say are the cornerstones to my success. Insuring that I am prepared for the day ahead, ensuring that I have bit and long-term plans to work towards, and ensuring that I take care of myself and my environment mean that I am always working towards South improvement. That is the key to success, self improvement.